The Irrepressibles “In This Shirt” (Röksopp Edit)

I know that this song isn’t fresh out of the bakery, but its so good! A few weeks ago Röyksopp had a status update on Facebook that there was some fresh and free downloads on their homepage. It was “Shores Of Easy” (a previously unreleased song) and an edit of The Irrepressibles song “In This Shirt”,  taken from their debut album “Mirror Mirror” (2010).

Now I’ve finally managed to download both of them (had some really slow connection lately) and I’ve to say that both of them are absolutely beautiful! I chose to share the song of The Irrepressibles because I find their concept of music and art performance truly fascinating, they are kind of an art preforming pop band! Just watch the video under to see what I mean…


the irrepressibles “in this shirt” (röksopp edit)


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