Find your dancing shoes – Apparat, Discodromo, Jori and Tiga comes to town


If you are in Helsinki and have hung up your dancing shoes for good, you better take them down and give them a polish! Why? March is going to be sweaty, loads of good dj gigs coming up!

First of all, Im not sponsored by Adams! Its just that they are putting together an impressive program for their first anniversary celebration, which is kicked off by…

Apparat tomorrow (March 1st)! Seen him + band live, listened to some of his dj mixes and really looking forward to the new Moderat album later this year. So this is just a no-brainer, do not miss the chance to experience Sascha Ring spinning records for you!


On March 15th Discodromo will probably get most of the city’s bears to come out of their hibernation. Anyhow it should be a good one by a duo that has collaborated with Hard Ton and done a really nice edit of a Ilona Staller (better known as la Cicciolina) song.


And finally on Thursday 28th of March Tiga will play along with Jori Hulkkonen. The grapevine is that the gig will also be a release party for their new 12″. Friday is bank holiday so no need to take it easy…


Other notable dj gigs and concerts in March:


Sin Cos Stan @ Kuudeslinja

Calyx & Teebee @ Venue

Fatboy Slim @ Wonder Festival


So give those dancing shoes a shine and enjoy a great month of music!



From the Vault:

mix: Apparat “Summer ’87” (podcast for Resident Advisor)

Discodromo feat. Hard Ton “Build a House” (Tensnake Remix)

Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”


new album: Tricky “False Idols”


Adrian Thaws, better known as Tricky, has just announced a new album. Its called “False Idols” and will be released internationally on May 27th (28th in USA). False Idols are not only the name of the album, but also the name of his new label.

First teaser of the album is called Nothing’s Changed” and features the beautiful vocal of Fransesca Belmonte. If this will be representative for the rest of the album the grapevine might be true when it whispers that “the spirit of Tricky’s ‘90s output looms large over False Idols”. Join his mailing list to get it as a free download.

Tricky on why did the album get the name “False Idols”:

“Because there’s so much bollocks going on at the moment! People follow celebrities and read every little thing they do. It’s living vicariously through someone else. Get your own life. All this stuff is false idols. That’s what helps keep the status quo.”




Tricky “Nothing’s Changed”:



From the Vault:

Massive Attack: 3D’s “Vermona” demo

Terry Callier and Massive Attack “The Windmill Hill Sessions”


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mp3: John Grant “Black Belt”


John Grant has moved to Iceland and have teamed up with GusGus’ Biggi Veira for his second solo album “Pale Green Ghosts”. It will also feature the Irish singer Sinead O’Connor on guest vocals. “Black Belt” and the title track (watch the official video after the jump) promise a much more electronic and dirtier sound than the highly acclaimed, but slightly boring debut album “Queen of Denmark”.

The album will be released by Bella Union in UK on the 11th of March and Partisan Records in US 2 months later… And this is what I do not understand! Do Partisan Records expect to sell any copies at all (at least not digitally)? I mean, releasing the album over 60 days after it was made available in Europe is not a good business strategy – especially in an environment where the customer appreciate availability over quality…




Update: You can download the song by going here (the embedded code is a do not work for WordPress / stupid listen only on SoundCloud one…).



From the Vault:

GusGus “Arabian Horse”

video: 22 Pistepirkko “Onion Soup”



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RIP Donald Byrd


Few days ago Donaldson Toussaint L’Ouverture Byrd II passed away, meaning we have lost a truely gifted jazz and blues trumpeter. Born in Detroit, 1932, he was a sideman for many other jazz musicians of his generation, like John Coltrane and Herbie Hancock.

For me though, I’ll remember him for being Guru‘s sideman on “Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1” and a producer on “Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2: The New Reality”.

Its not only MToK that will remember Donald Byrd, but also the artist SCNTST. His new tune is now dedicated to the great trumpeter since it contains samples of the very funky “Kofi” (original after the jump). The German has also made it available as a free download for us.






From the Vault:

BoysNoize Records Xmas Party 2011

Terry Callier and Massive Attack “The Windmill Hill Sessions”

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mp3: Junip “Line of Fire”


Few days ago the Swedish band Junip shared a new song with the world. Its called “Line of Fire”, and will feature on their self titeled album that will be released in April this year. It will be available from Mute in North America and through City Slang in Europe.

Junip is Elias Araya, Tobias Winterkorn and José González. Mr González is without a doubt the most know of the trio after doing several beautiful covers of well known songs. like Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” and The Knife’s “Heartbeats”.

For me, though, the most impressive is his collaboration with the Books and their cover of Nick Drake‘s “Cello Song” (listen to it after the jump). Not only a brilliant interpretation of the original, but it also features on “Dark was the Night” – an album released to rise funds for rising the awareness of hiv and aids.




mp3: Rampue “Love You”


Have no idea who Rampue is! The only things that I’ve manage to dig up is that its a guy in the late 20’s that lives in Berlin and signed to Audiolith Records. What I DO know is that this song has been on constant repeat for the last 2 days, driving the Disco Rodents mad! Its also a free download, just perfect!

The vocal is taken from the song “I Found You” by Alabama Shakes (check out a live video after the jump), and is done by Brittany Howard.






From the Vault:

video: Ralph Myerz “The Magic Of You”

Bob Dylan loses out on the Nobel Prize for Literature

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mp3: Apparat “A Violent Sky” from Krieg und Frieden


Some artist understands the potential of social media and its power better than others. Sascha Ring is one of them. He has made a new album under his moniker Apparat, and has chosen the fans to be the promo machine for it. Here is part of the statement to the fans:

“I decided to not do a single interview, skip the promo marathon and make it available for you asap. This time YOU are the promo machine. Please share if you want to support what i’m doing.”

I guess it worked! In less than 20 hours “A Violent Sky” has got over 40 000 plays and 4000 downloads on SoundCloud. Apparat also did a hugely successful Q&A just before he revealed the news on Facebook, in less than 5 minutes there was over 200 questions for him to answer.

The new album “Krieg und Frieden – Music for Theatre” will be out via MUTE on the 15th of February. It is originally a soundtrack to a theatre play of Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”, tweaked into an album format. Sounds good!






From the Vault:

Apparat + Band live @ Hebbel Theatre, Berlin

mix: Apparat “Summer ’87” (podcast for Resident Advisor)

Chinawoman “Party Girl” (Gluteus Maximus Remix)


To celebrate that they have reached 200 000 plays on SoundCloud, Gluteus Maximus share a basically free download with us. DJ Margeir and President Bongo has spun a little magic over the excellent “Party Girl” by Chinawoman, and it can be yours if you go here and “pay” with a tweet or facebook post. Well worth the time and effort me think!

Chinawoman is the Canadian musician Michelle Gurevich, currently based in Berlin. Raised in the Russian hoods of Toronto and compared to Leonard Cohen, add a voice akin Tanita Tikaram there is no wonder that her music can be heard blaring regularly from the yachts of Russian billionaires and as the ringtones of mothers all over the Ukraine.






From the Vault:

Gluteus Maximus featuring Högni Egilsson “Everlasting”

Orbital feat. Zola Jesus “New France” (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)

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Happy Holidays! Sin Cos Tan covers “My Blue Heaven”


To celebrate the upcoming Holiday and their first year of existence Sin Cos Tan is giving us a free download of their “My Blue Heaven” cover, and it comes with the following message:

“With the holiday season approaching we thought it was appropriate to share something a bit special. It’s a song not written by us, but when we realized it was a favourite for both of us, we wanted to try to cover it. We didn’t include it on the album, but felt that the world might be in the mood to absorb this during these end of the year weeks.”


“My Blue Heaven” is truly something special! Originally written back in 1924 by Walter Donaldson with lyrics by George A. Whiting, it became a huge hit in late ’20s for the crooner Gene Austin (listen to it after the jump). And now given new life by Juho Paalosmaa and Jori Hulkkonen!


MToK wishes everyona a happy and peaceful Holiday! 





From the Vault:

new album: Sin Cos Tan “Sin Cos Tan”

Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”

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El Perro del Mar live @ Korjaamo, Helsinki


El Perro del Mar had her first ever gig in Finland last week, and that was an interesting experience! Under the warm up act, Phantom, I had the feeling that I was participating in the Christmas party to the organization “We Are the Well Off and Nice Behaving Female Hipsters”. A nice party I guess, but not exactly my cup of tea…

It was not only El Perro del Mar first gig in Finland, it was also her last show of her current tour. As already mentioned, I’m not exactly in the scope of her core fans. So I haven’t followed Sarah Assbring album career that closely. I had streamed her latest, and fifth album, “Pale Fire” a few times plus familiarized myself with previous popular songs.

I felt ready for the music, but totally unaware of the fact that I would be totally charmed by the scaled down and pretty simple stage show. If Im going to describe it in one sentence it would be something like this: a beatmaker, a singer, small dance steps, loads of smoke and pleasant light. What I really loved was the small parts that showed tribute to some of the great acts of the naughties, the Prodigy and Massive Attack!

A special mentioning has to go to the warm up act Phantom, and their awesome piece of equipment – the UFO Controller! Looked brilliant, and this is what it does: “it allows you to control music software and external synthesizers with simple hand gestures. It looks like you’re playing a weird Theremin.” Check out this video to see how it works.


MToK also want to wish El Perro del Mar good luck in her upcoming, and exciting, life events!!


Couldn’t find any videos from the gig so here is “Hold off the Dawn” @ INGMAR live sessions:



From the Vault:

Little Boots “Meddle” (Designer Drugs 80’s coke jam remix)

Zola Jesus live @ Tavastia, Helsinki

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