röyksopp “bounty hunters”

star wars 001

apparently disney paid george lucas a lot of money for the star wars brand,  so they have to earn it back somehow. and through hollywood record they are releasing “star wars headspace” – a compilation of electronic music infused with sound effects and clips from the star wars saga.

artist such as bonobo, flying lotus and breakbot have all contributed to the compilation, but a head above the rest is the track from röyksopp! they may have stopped making full length albums, but they still can produce a great tune.




from the vault:

röyksopp + susanne sundfør = “running to the sea”

the irrepressibles “in this shirt” (röksopp edit)



john foxx & jori hulkkonen “evangeline” (david lynch remix)

david lynch 006.jpg

this remix has already been around for some months and seems to become better and better with time! i just love the baseline that kicks in at 2.03, and from there it just grows into monster that is beautifully released around five minutes. pure class by mr. lynch!

new album: Tricky “False Idols”


Adrian Thaws, better known as Tricky, has just announced a new album. Its called “False Idols” and will be released internationally on May 27th (28th in USA). False Idols are not only the name of the album, but also the name of his new label.

First teaser of the album is called Nothing’s Changed” and features the beautiful vocal of Fransesca Belmonte. If this will be representative for the rest of the album the grapevine might be true when it whispers that “the spirit of Tricky’s ‘90s output looms large over False Idols”. Join his mailing list to get it as a free download.

Tricky on why did the album get the name “False Idols”:

“Because there’s so much bollocks going on at the moment! People follow celebrities and read every little thing they do. It’s living vicariously through someone else. Get your own life. All this stuff is false idols. That’s what helps keep the status quo.”




Tricky “Nothing’s Changed”:



From the Vault:

Massive Attack: 3D’s “Vermona” demo

Terry Callier and Massive Attack “The Windmill Hill Sessions”


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new single: Rune Lindbœk featuring Kurt Maloo “Wonder”


Rune Lindbæk will release a new single today, just a week after he became the laughing stock of the yellow press in Norway. Lets hope the urban legend that “all PR is good PR” is true and will lead to more interest for this beautiful song. At least it is Disco Rodent approved!

Update: If you find a store that actually sells a copy, please let me know! It seems like all the stores online is out of stock (even the mp3)…

If you think you have heard the voice of Kurt Maloo somewhere, but cant actual pin point it (like I did), it was probably through the Swiss duo Double and their biggest hit “Captain of Her Heart” (watch it after the jump).




Rune Lindbœk feat. Kurt Maloo “Wonder” (official video):



From the Vault: Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – the circus has started!

                         Mungolian Jet Set “Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks” (Todd Terje’s version)



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mp3: John Grant “Black Belt”


John Grant has moved to Iceland and have teamed up with GusGus’ Biggi Veira for his second solo album “Pale Green Ghosts”. It will also feature the Irish singer Sinead O’Connor on guest vocals. “Black Belt” and the title track (watch the official video after the jump) promise a much more electronic and dirtier sound than the highly acclaimed, but slightly boring debut album “Queen of Denmark”.

The album will be released by Bella Union in UK on the 11th of March and Partisan Records in US 2 months later… And this is what I do not understand! Do Partisan Records expect to sell any copies at all (at least not digitally)? I mean, releasing the album over 60 days after it was made available in Europe is not a good business strategy – especially in an environment where the customer appreciate availability over quality…




Update: You can download the song by going here (the embedded code is a do not work for WordPress / stupid listen only on SoundCloud one…).



From the Vault:

GusGus “Arabian Horse”

video: 22 Pistepirkko “Onion Soup”



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video: James Blake “Retrograde”


“Suddenly Im hitten” by a song from James Blake! Im a bit surprised since I couldn’t buy into all the hype around his self titled first album. It was ok, but it was no a life changer (as certain publications would have it). So I’ve found him a bit overrated in the past, but that changed last week when I heard the radio rip of “Retrograde”! If the rest of his new album is like this I might buy into the hype…

“Retrograde” is available from We are Apple, and Take 30%, and is the first single from the up coming album “Overgrown” that will be out on the 8th of April.




James Blake “Retrograde” (official video):



From the Vault: Bruce Springsteen “State Trooper” (Trentemøller remix)

                         new album: Lower Dens “Nootropics”



new album: Ian Pooley “What I Do”


Ian Pooley has released his first album in 4 years, and it is almost like he has reinvented his sound. At least its more fresh and makes you wanna dance on the kitchen floor! The two stand out tracks are with out a doubt Compurhythm (read more about that ep here) and the beautiful “1983” featuring the smooth voice of Högni Egilsson.

“What I Do” is released by Ian’s own label Pooled Music, and should be available everywhere as a digital download or on cd. But if you have the same problem as me that the local record store has closed down (in fact I think there actually never have been one around here), you can at least order it from Amazon. A 28 minutes album teaser and tracklist can be found after the jump.




Ian Pooley featuring Högni Egilsson “1983”:




From the Vault: new ep: Ian Pooley “CompuRhythm”

                         Gluteus Maximus featuring Högni Egilsson “Everlasting”



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World premier of the Wesseltoft Schwarz Ensemble


In the beginning of the year I compiled for myself a list of what acts I really wanted to see live this year. On top of that, and pretty uncontested, was Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz preforming. So it was with great joy I received the news that they soon would preform in Oslo, not only as a duo – but as an ensemble!

The planning of the trip was done in an hour or so! The possibility to experience an enseble consisting of Bugge Wesseltoft (piano virtuoso), Henrik Schwarz (computer genius), the brilliant Austrian hang drum specialist / percussionist Manu Delago and the renown Swedish bass player Dan Berglund, was too great to pass on.

Fast forward to 1st of February and it was with great anticipation I entered the beautiful Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene. It is probably one of the cutest and most intimate venues Ive ever been to, it felt like I were on the stage with ensemble during the show…

…which started on time due to the live streaming on GubeMusic. First Bugge introduced the rest and then cracked a joke, that since they now were an ensemble they could apply for governmental support. Apparently it is possible in Norway that artists with a talent of writing good applications, can earn a decent living even they almost don’t sell any records…

Bugge also told that it was his birthday and that the first piece were called “49”, so then we knew that… From that moment the music just kept rolling, everything from experimental solos and minimalistic jazz to groovy bass lines. The gig as a whole can only be described by one word – fantastic! Im so happy that I was able to experience the interactions and true joy that was shown on stage by excellent musicians.

The concert was divided into two halves by an intermission. The first half were quite relaxed and mellow with some improvisations and great solos, so the following comment was heard in the restroom at the break: “I hope there will be more techno after the break!” I dont know if it was enough techno for the German accent gent, but there were definitely more beat in the second half…


MToK is looking forward to more music from this new founded super group!



From the Vault: For 2013 MToK is “Dreaming” about Bugge & Henrik

                         The Acid Symphony Orchestra “Coq au Man”



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Flunk “Queen of the Underground” (Kohib remix)


Øivind A. Sjøvoll, better known as Kohib, has been digging deep and found a wonderful beat to accompany his newest remix. The remix has been floating around on the net for a couple of months already, but was officially released through Beatservice Records earlier this week. It can be pick up through Juno, where you also can check out the remix/rework from Syntax Erik and Athome.

Flunk is a Norwegian band that has been around for more than 10 years. The members are: Anja øyen Vister (vocals),  Ulf Nygaard (programming/vocals), Jo Bakke (guitar/bass/++) and Erik Ruud on drums. “Queen of the Underground” (original after the jump) is the first singel from their upcomming album “Lost Causes”, that will come in the end of April this year.





From the Vault:

“Solar Day” a new EP by Kohib

Odd Nordstoga “Ei Anna Tid” (Kohib edit)

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mp3: Junip “Line of Fire”


Few days ago the Swedish band Junip shared a new song with the world. Its called “Line of Fire”, and will feature on their self titeled album that will be released in April this year. It will be available from Mute in North America and through City Slang in Europe.

Junip is Elias Araya, Tobias Winterkorn and José González. Mr González is without a doubt the most know of the trio after doing several beautiful covers of well known songs. like Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” and The Knife’s “Heartbeats”.

For me, though, the most impressive is his collaboration with the Books and their cover of Nick Drake‘s “Cello Song” (listen to it after the jump). Not only a brilliant interpretation of the original, but it also features on “Dark was the Night” – an album released to rise funds for rising the awareness of hiv and aids.