Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – the circus has started!


On Monday the district court of Bergen started processing the complaint from Rune Lindbæk against Röyksopp, it was also the day the circus came to town! In fact, this trail is only good for the yellow press selling more papers…

If you aren’t familiar with the case, then please read this and this to get up to date what all the fuzz is about. Hadn’t it been for that I had already written about this complaint I wouldn’t have touched it even with a 10 feet pole! Why? Well, I didnt know that musicians had so much dirty laundry to show the world. Here is a few pointers:

– A mum have paid some of the legal fees.

– Free mini gig by Röyksopp (where they showed that they had sampled Jarre).

– Counter complaint to discredit Linbæk for composer rights of “Lift” by Drum Island.

– A brother in law on the witness list.

And the list just goes on! Cant think about all the gruff that will be dug up during the closing 3 days. MToK has decided to leave this matter alone from now (will update this post with the verdict though). Will end this post with a brilliant parody of the longest running soap serial in Norway (sorry but it is in northern Norwegian).


Update: The complaint against Röyksopp was dismissed, and they also won their counter complaint. Rune Lindbæk does also have to pay Røyksopp’s cost for the trail.






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Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – the truth is out there (somewhere)…

Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – an update


Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – the truth is out there (somewhere)…


Monday the 21st of May 2012 the Norwegian dj Rune Lindbæk and GramArt, the artist organisation that is representing him, filed a complaint to the district court of Bergen, Norway. The complaint states that Lindbæk wants to be credited as a co-writer of two songs from Röyksopp‘s debut album “Melody A.M.” The two songs are “A Higher Place” and “40 Years Back/Come”.

This conflict has been going on over 6 years most of the time behind the scenes, but made public in March 2011 when the Norwegian paper Dagens Næringsliv featured the case/situation over 10 pages (short summary in Norwegian can be found here). The peice was written mostly from Linbæk’s point of view, to great irritation for Torbjørn Brundtland and and Svein Berge. 8 months later (even it is dated 20.04.12) Röksopp answers the article by publishing a 45 pages letter (written in Norwegian) on Few days later Lindbæk answer this letter by writing a blog post on

The picture above is taken from a time when things probably seemed to be better (photo taken from So what did this conversation through the media and web really tell us (especially for people that dont master the Norwegian language that well)? Well, there are these two songs that was made in the Drum Island (Lindbæk, Brundtland and Ole Mjøs) period, and then developed by Röyksopp and released on their hugely successful debut album. To cut it short (if I should mention all the twist and turns in this case this post would be 10 times as long), the quarrel its about if Rune Lindbæk was part of the creative process and of course – money!!

MToK do not want to take any side in this conflict, but was it really necessary to do your dirty laundry in public? On the other hand a court case might be for the best, since everything else seems to have failed, so the record (or rather tunes) finally can be set straight…


One of the songs that has caused this controversy is Röyksopp‘s “A Higher Place”



…which has some similarities to Drum Island‘s “Lift”



…which again has a resemblance to the beginning of Jean-Michel Jarre‘s Wooloomooloo” 




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