röyksopp “bounty hunters”

star wars 001

apparently disney paid george lucas a lot of money for the star wars brand,  so they have to earn it back somehow. and through hollywood record they are releasing “star wars headspace” – a compilation of electronic music infused with sound effects and clips from the star wars saga.

artist such as bonobo, flying lotus and breakbot have all contributed to the compilation, but a head above the rest is the track from röyksopp! they may have stopped making full length albums, but they still can produce a great tune.




from the vault:

röyksopp + susanne sundfør = “running to the sea”

the irrepressibles “in this shirt” (röksopp edit)



Bonobo “Black Sands Remixed” out 13th of February


On the 13th of February Ninja Tune will release Bonobo’s critical acclaimed and universial succes “Black Sands” in Remixed version. The remixies has been done by artists such as Duke Dumont, ARP 101 and Machinedrum, the album will also include two new songs from Bonobo himself “Ghost Ship” and “Brace Brace” (new songs embedded under and tracklist after the jump). The album is released in a wide varity of formats from 3xLP to .wav, and can be pre ordered from the Ninja tune shop.

Bonobo is the English producer Simon “Si” Green, that currently lives in New York. He was singned to Ninja Tune in 2003, and in his music he uses a wide variety of samples combined with heavy, often complex basslines. “Black Sands” was Bonobo’s 4th album.




Bonobo “Ghost Ship”:


Bonobo “Brace Brace”:


From the Vault: Gold Panda “Back Home”

                         Gold Panda tour – Norway in for a treat


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