Find your dancing shoes – Apparat, Discodromo, Jori and Tiga comes to town


If you are in Helsinki and have hung up your dancing shoes for good, you better take them down and give them a polish! Why? March is going to be sweaty, loads of good dj gigs coming up!

First of all, Im not sponsored by Adams! Its just that they are putting together an impressive program for their first anniversary celebration, which is kicked off by…

Apparat tomorrow (March 1st)! Seen him + band live, listened to some of his dj mixes and really looking forward to the new Moderat album later this year. So this is just a no-brainer, do not miss the chance to experience Sascha Ring spinning records for you!


On March 15th Discodromo will probably get most of the city’s bears to come out of their hibernation. Anyhow it should be a good one by a duo that has collaborated with Hard Ton and done a really nice edit of a Ilona Staller (better known as la Cicciolina) song.


And finally on Thursday 28th of March Tiga will play along with Jori Hulkkonen. The grapevine is that the gig will also be a release party for their new 12″. Friday is bank holiday so no need to take it easy…


Other notable dj gigs and concerts in March:


Sin Cos Stan @ Kuudeslinja

Calyx & Teebee @ Venue

Fatboy Slim @ Wonder Festival


So give those dancing shoes a shine and enjoy a great month of music!



From the Vault:

mix: Apparat “Summer ’87” (podcast for Resident Advisor)

Discodromo feat. Hard Ton “Build a House” (Tensnake Remix)

Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”


Chinawoman “Party Girl” (Gluteus Maximus Remix)


To celebrate that they have reached 200 000 plays on SoundCloud, Gluteus Maximus share a basically free download with us. DJ Margeir and President Bongo has spun a little magic over the excellent “Party Girl” by Chinawoman, and it can be yours if you go here and “pay” with a tweet or facebook post. Well worth the time and effort me think!

Chinawoman is the Canadian musician Michelle Gurevich, currently based in Berlin. Raised in the Russian hoods of Toronto and compared to Leonard Cohen, add a voice akin Tanita Tikaram there is no wonder that her music can be heard blaring regularly from the yachts of Russian billionaires and as the ringtones of mothers all over the Ukraine.






From the Vault:

Gluteus Maximus featuring Högni Egilsson “Everlasting”

Orbital feat. Zola Jesus “New France” (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)

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Arcade Fire “The Suburbs” (Ripa’s re-edit)


From the Vault: The Rapture “How Deep Is Your Love?” (A-Trak Dub For Mehdi)

                         The The scores the Documentary “Moonbug”



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Barbra Streisand is back – Duck Sauce also wins an UK MVA


So “Barbra Streisand” came back to haunt us once more. As I wrote earlier the UK Music Video Awards was held in London on Tuesday (more winners after the jump). Duck Sauce won the award for the best international dance video. MToK says congratz and predict that the next time this huge tune will haunt us is in approximately 5 years time! When Armand van Helden and A-Trak finally has made enough singles to release an album.

I really like the song though, and thought it was a good video when it popped up on the net over a year ago. I just got a bit frustrated/fed up that old grannies had it as a ring tone…

If you are interested in where the guys have taken that famous sample from, please have a read of this digging post.



From the Vault: Barbra Streisand” – where did that sample come from?


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Leonard Cohen allows Jack Beats to sample “Dance Me to the End of Love”


Leonard Cohen has for the first time ever allowed someone to sample one of his songs. The lucky winners is the UK electronic duo Jack Beats, and they have sampled some of the vocal from the song “Dance Me to the End of Love”

End of Love is the first single from Jack Beats forthcoming debut album, that will be released on Deconstruction Records early in 2012.

Jack Beats“End Of Love”:

I also found this little gem of a live video from 1988, a young(er) Cohen enjoying his gig at Roskilde.

Leonard Cohen“Dance Me To The End of Love” :


From the Vault: Boys Noize & Erol Alkan ft. Jarvis Cocker – Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)


Video: Duck Sauce “Big Bad Wolf”


Well what can you say? At least something original, and NOT Tested on Kids!!! Duck Sauce have shot a video to their monster tune “Big Bad Wolf” and A-Trak is probably the best one to introduce it:

“Big Bad Wolf” is pretty simple, and it can mean anything, really, so we wanted the video to have its own narrative. Remember when dance music videos used to actually be creative? Like when you think back to Aphex Twin, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk… I don’t know why the genre’s videos became so generic in recent years. So When Keith [Schoffield] came up with this idea of ‘crotchfaces,’ we just thought it was hilarious. He started coming up with all these gags and describing the characters living in this sort of parallel world, and we were sold. He wasn’t sure if we’d be down to play the leads, but our take on this was, if we’re going to do this, we need to go all the way. So we played the dickheads, essentially.”


Duck Sauce “Big Bad Wolf” Official Video:



From the Vault: Duck Sauce – “Big Bad Wolf



The Rapture “How Deep Is Your Love?” (A-Trak Dub For Mehdi)


Today A-Trak tweeted that he had done a special dub remix of the Raptures song “How Deep Is Your Love?”. He dedicated it to the late DJ Mehdi, and here is the reason why:

“I did this remix over the summer, and when I was close to finishing it I played it to my friend, the irreplaceable DJ Mehdi. We often played each other our productions for feedback. As it turns out he and Riton were visiting New York so they stopped by my apartment. I was working on the main version of the remix, the vocal version. I knew I would make a few alternate edits during the mixdown. The funny thing was, Mehdi’s favourite part was the ending! He and Riton suggested that I have that part come in earlier. My reaction was: that would work well for the dub version. And sure enough, when I finished mixing it down I made a dub with their suggestion. When I sent it to Mehdi shortly after, he responded (as a joke) that I should call it “Dub For Mehdi”. He included it in his “Tunisian Summer” mix. And then, as we all know, the unimaginable happened and we lost our dear friend. The least I can do now is name the edit after him. This one’s for you, Memed.”

A nice gesture from one of the best in the business!!


From the Vault: Rip DJ Mehdi



Duck Sauce “Big Bad Wolf”


“Barbra” is gone with her “Two Goody Shoes”. In Duck Sauce‘s (Armand van Helden & A-Trak) new tune they will let the “Big Bad Wolf” come knocking on your door. At least it will destroy dance floors! Apparently the crowd went mental when the two kings of Disco House drop it in their DJ set at Coachella and Miami Masquerade earlier this year.

Duck Sauce are currently working on their full-length for Fool’s Gold Records.




Duck Sauce “Big Bad Wolf”:



Just a comment on the picture above. Have no idea if its official or just made by a fan, but it definitely made me think about the Soviet/Rumanian/French musical film Rock n Roll Wolf from 1979…

Duck Sauce "Big Bad Wolf"



From the Vault: Video: Duck Sauce “Big Bad Wolf”

Barbra Streisand” is back – Duck Sauce also wins an UK MVA




Crystal Castles @ the Circus – Enough Bass for the Hipsters?


There was bass, loads of bass! Its not that I don’t like bass, in fact I’m a fan of heavy and deep bass. And the basslines in the beginning of the Crystal Castles gig last night, was good. In fact I haven’t felt much so deep bass since I saw the Chemical Brothers last year. Then Alice Glass started to “sing” (or rather scream…), and I thought is was nice.

The beats continued and then she started to crowd surf, scream some more and finally she began to spit whiskey on the crowd while she said “its only apple juice” with a really annoying voice… After approx 40 minutes of this I started to think (or rather picture myself) that this gig would have be far better if we could have replaced her annoying behaviour with a nice video installation! (But then again, this might be a natural behaviour of a girl that ran away from home at the age of 14 and joined a punk collective of junkies!)

But once again I have to admit that the most impressive was the way the drummer and Ethan Kath made the beats flow and how they just filled the room, but then again this was also the problem since they (the beats) somehow just killed the music…

One thing is for sure! This gig would have been a lot better if it had started at 23.30 on a Friday or Saturday evening!


A little video (with shitty sound) in the end showing her crowd surfing:



From the Vault: Motorpsycho Live @ Tavastia

                         Angus and Julia Stone + crew forms a human pyramid!




Barbra Streisand – where did that sample come from?


I guess you have had to be on a different planet, for the last 7 – 8 months, if you never have even heard a snippet of the tune “Barbra Streisand” by Duck Sauce… But where did Armand van Helden and A-Trak get the inspiration for the song? There has popped up so many songs lately containing the same sample that keeping track of them all has been hard. But lets dig into it and try to find out where the original sample comes from…

First of all lets start with the version that has plagued the earth for at least the past 6 months:


Duck Sauce “Barbara Streisand”.


I first posted this video on my Facebook wall back in the beginning of October 2010, it then had barely 250 000 hits – now it has over 55m… Have to say that the combination of small Disco Rodents, Duck Sauce and pancakes was an instant success!!! Since then I think I’ve heard at least a dozen of variations/remixes of the song, everything from using the name Justin Bieber to a pretty cool bootleg/mash up with Fat Boy Slim:



Then after the new year remixes of Star on 45 “Star on 45” started to pop up around the net. Star on 45 was a Dutch band that was briefly popular in Europe in the beginning of the 80`s. Most notable of the remixes was the ones of Olav Basoski and Addy Van Der Zwan:



So this got me curious! Two songs same sample – could there be more??? And there was! What more disco feeling could you get in late 70`s than from a Boney M. song? At least not in Norway… Somehow Boney M. was huge there, in fact Norway was the only other country than UK where their album Oceans of Fantasy (1979) topped the charts. And the song that is VERY similar to Barbra Streisand is “Gotta go Home”:



So thats 3 songs with the same sample! I was happy and didnt do any more digging in the music history. But who had thought that even Boney M. had some sampling abilities?? Not me! Guess Im to young… The other day I checked out a Norwegian House blog and what did I find deep down between some obscure and old comments? Yep, another song that contain the sample (is this starting to become my Holy Grail???). This time around its an old song from 1973 done by a German group:


Nighttrain “Hallo Bimmelbahn”:


So this is the story so far, if you have some more info about this Barbra Streisand sample please contact me and Ill update the post!