röyksopp “bounty hunters”

star wars 001

apparently disney paid george lucas a lot of money for the star wars brand,  so they have to earn it back somehow. and through hollywood record they are releasing “star wars headspace” – a compilation of electronic music infused with sound effects and clips from the star wars saga.

artist such as bonobo, flying lotus and breakbot have all contributed to the compilation, but a head above the rest is the track from röyksopp! they may have stopped making full length albums, but they still can produce a great tune.




from the vault:

röyksopp + susanne sundfør = “running to the sea”

the irrepressibles “in this shirt” (röksopp edit)



Biosphere “1991​-​2004” – a compilation of hard to find tracks


This is a compilation sent from heaven! Some of theses tracks I’ve tried for years to get my hands on, and today Geir Jenssen released all of them as a bundle through BandCamp. For only 10$ (7,80€) you get 15 very hard to find tracks from Biosphere, a real coup! The album can be downloaded in any desired format here.

For me the stand out track (album tracklist after the jump) is “The Seal & The Hydrophone” that have been on my want list for the last 15 years, but never got hold of until today!


Thank you!




From the Vault: Ane Brun & Biosphere “A Temporary Dive” (Clueless Dubstep Mix)

                         Biosphere to play at the Ilios Festival, Harstad (Northern Norway)



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Stripped & Chewed Vol 1 “Livin’ for the City”


Stripped & Chewed is an independent house music label in Chicago, curated by rising artists Lee Dunn (Ghosts of Venice) and Garrett Shrigley (Adulture). To fund the vinyl pressing and cover release expenses for their first release, “Livin’ for the City”, they simply started a project on Kickstarter. This means that everyone interested in supporting some nice house music can back them there. The more you donate, the greater reward you get (everything from stickers to the 12” vinyl and hand printed sweatshirts). MToK has backed just a little bit to show support and be part of a new way to start a record label.

Stripped & Chewed main focus is on their artists: the music producers, graphic designers, and video directors. They also hope that their complete package of consistent music, video, and artwork set the label apart from another artist’s label. Artists featuring on the compilation: SCR, Broke One, Alec Carlsson, Ridney, Black Madonna, JNL  Maxime F.

MToK is happy that the project is now fully financed, and wish Stripped & Chewed good luck!


Stripped & Chewed Vol 1 “Livin’ for the City” (Previews):


   SCRS001 – Livin’ For the City [PREVIEWS] by Stripped & Chewed


From the Vault: Parisian wonder kid Zimmer debut EP “Horizontal Disco”



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