Find your dancing shoes – Apparat, Discodromo, Jori and Tiga comes to town


If you are in Helsinki and have hung up your dancing shoes for good, you better take them down and give them a polish! Why? March is going to be sweaty, loads of good dj gigs coming up!

First of all, Im not sponsored by Adams! Its just that they are putting together an impressive program for their first anniversary celebration, which is kicked off by…

Apparat tomorrow (March 1st)! Seen him + band live, listened to some of his dj mixes and really looking forward to the new Moderat album later this year. So this is just a no-brainer, do not miss the chance to experience Sascha Ring spinning records for you!


On March 15th Discodromo will probably get most of the city’s bears to come out of their hibernation. Anyhow it should be a good one by a duo that has collaborated with Hard Ton and done a really nice edit of a Ilona Staller (better known as la Cicciolina) song.


And finally on Thursday 28th of March Tiga will play along with Jori Hulkkonen. The grapevine is that the gig will also be a release party for their new 12″. Friday is bank holiday so no need to take it easy…


Other notable dj gigs and concerts in March:


Sin Cos Stan @ Kuudeslinja

Calyx & Teebee @ Venue

Fatboy Slim @ Wonder Festival


So give those dancing shoes a shine and enjoy a great month of music!



From the Vault:

mix: Apparat “Summer ’87” (podcast for Resident Advisor)

Discodromo feat. Hard Ton “Build a House” (Tensnake Remix)

Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”


Even Fatboy Slim will release a concert/live movie



Few weeks after Fatboy Slim rode a giant octopus at the London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony, the news broke that he will release a concert movie. It might have been old news, but it was new for me. The reason that I even paid attention to this news was that those with the exclusive video premiere was the Rolling Stone Magazine, which I thought was very weird. Wasn’t it so that Norman Cook was one of the biggest dj/producers in the world? Anyhow this quote caught my eye:

“When I’ve got something that I really want to say, I’ll release [it], but at the moment I’m not inspired in the way I am by the life of a DJ. When I was younger I could be an artist, remixer, produce other people and DJ. These days, I don’t know how I ever found the hours in the day!”

I guess that drugs finally catch up with you in the end…

“Live: From the Big Beach Bootique” is at the cinemas around the globe for one day only on August 31st. A good opportunity to watch drunken/(put in whatever substance you like) English ravers trashing the new stadium to Brighton and Hove Albion football club.





From the Vault: The Chemical Brothers concert film “Don’t Think”

                         Sigur Rós “Inni” – a live Album and Film



Sebastien Tellier “Cochon Ville” (The Magician Remix)


A lot of signs tells us that Sebastian Tellier has jumped the New Age circus with his upcoming album “My God is Blue”. Luckily he has had some magical help for his first single, Cochon Ville” (something like “Pigs Town” in English, original after the jump), that will be released in France on April 9th and worldwide on April 16th.

The Magician will also come and spin some tunes in Helsinki soon. Somehow the bar Motellet have managed (money I guess…) to make him DJ at their place. Well anyway, Stephen Fasano will be there on April 13th, before he will do a set in Turku the following day. So its just to start practising if you want the wand for the best dancer of the night…






From the Vault: Sébastien Tellier‘s “(My) God Is Blue”

                         Peter & The Magician release their new EP “Twist”


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Bjørn Torske will play @ Nolla, Helsinki on Saturday


A little more than a week after I wrote about Bjørn Torske’s new 12″, he will come to Helsinki and spin some records! His DJ set will be at Nolla on Saturday the 28th of January 2012, more info about the venue/event can be found here.

This will in fact be the first time I see/hear Bjørn Torske DJ (or should we rather call it RP, record player, now that Simon Cowell will launch a DJ talent show???), and I’m really looking forward to it! His first cd “Nedi Myra” has spun a considrable amount time in my cd player since 1998.

I know many DJ’s hates that people are requesting songs, but I would love to hear him play Saks&Teip’s edit of the classic “Slogfunk” by Zoo!




Bjørn Torske “Limb Fu”:



From the Vault: “Oppkok” new 12” from Bjørn Torske

                         Mp3: Zoo “Slogfunk” (Kor e Torsken Din edit)


Tim, Thom and 3D plays at Occupy London’s Xmas Party


Last night Massive Attack‘s 3D, Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Tim Goldsworthy (ex DFA Records and now an UNKLE) were DJing at the Occupy London’s Christmas party. The gig was a surprise thank you to Occupy London and in support of the global movement for social and economic justice. It was held in the basement of the Bank of Ideas building on Sun Street – an abandoned former office block near Liverpool Street belonging to investment bank UBS.

The exclusive DJ sets were livestreamed around the world via the Occupy London livesteam, and have been recorded for an album and HD video. The album and video will be made available through Occupation Records label, to help raise money for Occupy London and the wider Occupy movement. Both will come with the famous Radiohead pricing, “pay what you want”. MToK will come back with more info when the record label is up and running.

MToK cant praise Tim, Thom and 3D enough for their social engagement! Nice to see that there exist at least some decent stars left in this world!!! 

Update: Added a video clip with a chat between Thom and 3D + some music!!!



From the Vault: Massive Attack’s Occupy London Radio Mix


Nick Warren and John Digweed to DJ in Helsinki

Two of the biggest, and long serving, DJ’s of the world is gracing Helsinki with a visit. Nick Warren will come and spin his records on Friday the 14th of October and John Digweed will come on 4th of November.



Nick Warren will do a DJ set at Playground tomorrow night (14th of Oct), and he will be on at 01.30. One half of Way Out West, Warren is know of his almost perfect club sets. I saw him many years ago when he played at Kaivohuone here in Helsinki, and had good fun. What I remember best with that set was that he played Sinead O’Connor’s “Troy (Push Remix)” twice! More about the event can be found here.


Nick Warren‘s Delta Fm 90,3 mix from 21st of September:




John Digweed will come to town on Friday  4th of November, and will be the main act during the opening event at the new club Venue (previous called YK, btw how long did that one last??). Digweed is well renowned for his excellent built sets, like the one he did at DTM last year (truly amazing one). He will do a three hour set, and more info regarding the event can be found here.


John Digweed‘s Transition mix from 11th of October:



Unfortunately MToK will not be attending any of these events due to other obligations.