john foxx & jori hulkkonen “evangeline” (david lynch remix)

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this remix has already been around for some months and seems to become better and better with time! i just love the baseline that kicks in at 2.03, and from there it just grows into monster that is beautifully released around five minutes. pure class by mr. lynch!


mp3: Chris Rea “Josephine” (Peter Visti rain edit)


Me and Chris used to hang out a lot when I was younger. He spinning around in a tray while I was reading Donald Duck’s, a perfect match at the time. So it was a bit nostalgic when I bumped into two edits of Mr. Rea‘s “Josephine”, from the 1985 album “Shamrock Diaries”, lately.

First out is the Dane Peter Visti‘s Rain edit and after the jump you can find a balearic edit done by LeSale.




Chris Rea “Josephine” (Peter Visti rain edit):

   by Smile Recordings



From the Vault: Creedence Clearwater Revival “Through The Jungle” (LeSale Edit)

                          Discodromo ft. Hard Ton “Build a House” (Tensnake Remix)



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mp3: Creedence Clearwater Revival “Run Through The Jungle” (LeSale’s Satanic Edit)



From the Vault: Gil Scott-Heron “I’ll Take Care Of You” (Mighty Mouse Edit)

                         Alan Parsons Project “Be Like You” (Young Edits Dance Mix)


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The Turtles “Happy Together” (Todd Terje Edit)


Smile Recordings are giving away all the edits that the all vinyl label Mindless Boogie released between 2005 and 2009, as free downloads. The edits are done by such artist as Prins Thomas, Inflagranti and Tiago. They kick off these gifts with a brilliant edit by Todd Terje of The Turtles’ “Happy Together” (original after the jump).




The Turtles “Happy Together” (Todd Terje Edit):

   by Smile Recordings



From the Vault: Alan Parsons Project “Be Like You” (Young Edits Dance Mix)

                         Todd Terje “Inspector Norse”



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Manolo “Night Rhythm”


For those that remember the 90’s, will also have a recollection of the annoyance the “Rhythm of the Night” (original after the jump) caused. It pretty much sums up almost every thing that what was bad with the techno/eurodance scene at the time. I think there was “No Limit” (the only tune that I remember that was worse) to the amount of frustration this song was causing…

So thank you Manolo for doing this beautiful edit/remake of the song, I finally can put a ghost from the past to rest! You can purchase it from Juno, and watch the edit in a DJ set here.

Manolo, aka Roberto Rodriguez, is a Finnish DJ Producer that hails from Helsinki. He will release his new album “Dawn” in the near future, and if you are in Helsinki this Saturday (March 10th) you should check out his release party at Bassment.




Manolo “Night Rhythm”:



From the Vault: Mix: Blackbelt Andersen “Some Current Faves, January 2012”

                         Gil Scott-Heron “I’ll Take Care Of You” (Mighty Mouse Edit)


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Odd Nordstoga “Ei Anna Tid” (Kohib edit)


I have to admit one thing, lyrics have never spellbound me. For me it have always been far more important how the symbioses between instruments, sound and beat/rhythm has been carried out in a song. That is probably why I never got into the songs to the excellent Norwegian folk musician and word smith Odd Nordstoga, until now. Kohib has taken his song “Ein Anna Måte” (original after the jump) and added a slight disco feel to it, and the result is excellent!

Kohib is the Norwegian producer and DJ Øivind A. Sjøvoll, that hails from Sortland (Northern Norway). He is currently signed to the Tromsø based label Beatservice Records, that also has released some of Bisophere‘s album.

Kohib will come with a new EP in mid April, released digitally and on vinyl.




Odd Nordstoga “Ei Anna Tid” (Kohib edit):

   by Kohib



From the Vault: “Sámiid Ædnan” – still disputed after 30 years

                         Video: Ralph Myerz “The Magic Of You”



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Arcade Fire “The Suburbs” (Ripa’s re-edit)


From the Vault: The Rapture “How Deep Is Your Love?” (A-Trak Dub For Mehdi)

                         The The scores the Documentary “Moonbug”



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Gil Scott-Heron “I’ll Take Care Of You” (Mighty Mouse Edit)


MToK will end 2011 with a soulful (but still danceable) post! The Mighty Mouse edit/re-work of Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’ll Take Care of You” (original with lyrics after the jump) is miles better than the puny attempts of Jamie XX and Drake featuring Rihanna.

Gilbert Scott-Heron was an American soul and jazz poet, primarily known for his work as a spoken word performer in the 1970s and ’80s. He died the 27th of May 2011.


Happy New Year and Enjoy!


   Gill Scott Heron – I’ll Take Care Of You (Mighty Mouse Re Work) by Mighty Mouse


From the Vault: Mighty Mouse November Mixtape & Brand New Tune

                         Philosophy Of Sound “It Is Like That” (Radio Edit)


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mp3: Zoo “Slogfunk” (Kor e Torsken Din edit)



From the Vault: new album: Bernhoft + KORK “Walk With Me”



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