Find your dancing shoes – Apparat, Discodromo, Jori and Tiga comes to town


If you are in Helsinki and have hung up your dancing shoes for good, you better take them down and give them a polish! Why? March is going to be sweaty, loads of good dj gigs coming up!

First of all, Im not sponsored by Adams! Its just that they are putting together an impressive program for their first anniversary celebration, which is kicked off by…

Apparat tomorrow (March 1st)! Seen him + band live, listened to some of his dj mixes and really looking forward to the new Moderat album later this year. So this is just a no-brainer, do not miss the chance to experience Sascha Ring spinning records for you!


On March 15th Discodromo will probably get most of the city’s bears to come out of their hibernation. Anyhow it should be a good one by a duo that has collaborated with Hard Ton and done a really nice edit of a Ilona Staller (better known as la Cicciolina) song.


And finally on Thursday 28th of March Tiga will play along with Jori Hulkkonen. The grapevine is that the gig will also be a release party for their new 12″. Friday is bank holiday so no need to take it easy…


Other notable dj gigs and concerts in March:


Sin Cos Stan @ Kuudeslinja

Calyx & Teebee @ Venue

Fatboy Slim @ Wonder Festival


So give those dancing shoes a shine and enjoy a great month of music!



From the Vault:

mix: Apparat “Summer ’87” (podcast for Resident Advisor)

Discodromo feat. Hard Ton “Build a House” (Tensnake Remix)

Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”


The Acid Symphony Orchestra “Coq au Man”


Last Friday The Acid Symphony Orchestra preformed a new piece called “Coq au Man”, at the Eurosonic festival in Groningen, Holland. It is composed by the master conductor himself, Jori Hulkkonen, and last for 42 wonderful minutes. The orchestra was comprised by 10 TB-303 players (Kalle Karvanen, Juha Matinmäki, Timo Ahlqvist, Kimmo Oksanen, Aku Raski, Tatu Peltonen, Janne Puurunen, Petri “Pete” Salonen, Valtteri Mäki and Jani Lehto) and Mr Hulkkonen that controlled the mixer and a TR-707.

Update: Our Top Secret Reporter tells me that the name of the piece basically means “Rooster cooked with Man”, and that the man was dead before being cooked…

For those that is not familiar with what the brainchild to Jori Hulkkonen is, I highly recommend to watch the 3 part mini documentary about their first gig after the jump!







From the Vault:

Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”

Huoratron – the Pride of Finnish Electro

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Happy Holidays! Sin Cos Tan covers “My Blue Heaven”


To celebrate the upcoming Holiday and their first year of existence Sin Cos Tan is giving us a free download of their “My Blue Heaven” cover, and it comes with the following message:

“With the holiday season approaching we thought it was appropriate to share something a bit special. It’s a song not written by us, but when we realized it was a favourite for both of us, we wanted to try to cover it. We didn’t include it on the album, but felt that the world might be in the mood to absorb this during these end of the year weeks.”


“My Blue Heaven” is truly something special! Originally written back in 1924 by Walter Donaldson with lyrics by George A. Whiting, it became a huge hit in late ’20s for the crooner Gene Austin (listen to it after the jump). And now given new life by Juho Paalosmaa and Jori Hulkkonen!


MToK wishes everyona a happy and peaceful Holiday! 





From the Vault:

new album: Sin Cos Tan “Sin Cos Tan”

Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”

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new album: Sin Cos Tan “Sin Cos Tan”


Yep, I had to check my old mathbooks for the true meaning of the name to Jori Hulkkonen‘s new project – Sin Cos Tan. This time he has teamed up with Juho Paalosmaa, better know as one half of the Finnish electro pop duo Villa Nah. They started to record their self titled debut album at the beginning of this year, and tomorrow (22.11.12) we will find out how the collaboration turned out. That is not completely true since the album (tracklist after the jump) is “Album of the Week” at YleX, which means that you can stream it until Friday – well worth checking out!

Update: check out Sugarcane Recordings soundcloud page for an album preview!

The release party for the album will be at Ravintola Adams the 1 of December. Tickets are not on sale yet here, or please let me know if they are (and where) read more on the event page. Im not going to miss their live show this time around as I did during Flow Festival (too early start)!

You can also check out Jori Hulkkonen’s BassoRadio show if you want to know more about Sin Con Tan’s thoughts regarding their album.

After having listened a few times to the album the stand out track is still “Trust”, even I’ve its been around for a couple of months already. It can be downloaded for free here!




Sin Cos Tan “Trust” official video:



From the Vault: Chairlift “Amanaemonesia”

                         Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”



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Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”


Yesterday My Favourite Robot Records released their first ever LP, and the artist with this honour was no other than Finland’s own Jori Hulkkonen. His 13th album comes under the moniker Third Culture, and includes a few tracks with guest vocalists – most notably JiiHoo which is Mr. Hulkkonen himself…

A fine album (as usual from Jori) after my standards, and I love the official video for “Liquid Hologram”. After the jump you can have a listen to the whole album, if you like it it can be picked up from here.




Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture feat. JiiHoo “Liquid Hologram” official video:



From the Vault: Jori Hulkkonen‘s radio show on BassoRadio (March 12th)

                         Flow Festival 2011 in Brief



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Jori Hulkkonen’s radio show on BassoRadio (March 12th)









Came across this radio show by chance on SoundCloud the other day, and it really surprised me! Not the quality of the tunes that he played (tracklist after the jump), but that he had a radio show on a station that I could have tuned my radio into…

Jori Hulkkonen is a DJ producer that hails from north Finnish town of Kemi. From January he has a biweekly show on BassoRadio. It can be live-streamed from here, or you can do it the old school way and tune in your radio to 102,8. Older shows can be downloaded from his SoundCloud page.




Jori Hulkkonen “Bassoradio Show” March 12th 2012



From the Vault: Flow Festival 2011 in Brief

                         Manolo “Night Rhythm”


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Your Guide to Flow Festival – Friday


Are you lost in the Flow jungle? Don’t worry! (Music) Tested on Kids will guide you through for a unique trip of music! If you disagree or have any additions that Ive missed out on, please leave a comment!

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