john foxx & jori hulkkonen “evangeline” (david lynch remix)

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this remix has already been around for some months and seems to become better and better with time! i just love the baseline that kicks in at 2.03, and from there it just grows into monster that is beautifully released around five minutes. pure class by mr. lynch!


new album: Tricky “False Idols”


Adrian Thaws, better known as Tricky, has just announced a new album. Its called “False Idols” and will be released internationally on May 27th (28th in USA). False Idols are not only the name of the album, but also the name of his new label.

First teaser of the album is called Nothing’s Changed” and features the beautiful vocal of Fransesca Belmonte. If this will be representative for the rest of the album the grapevine might be true when it whispers that “the spirit of Tricky’s ‘90s output looms large over False Idols”. Join his mailing list to get it as a free download.

Tricky on why did the album get the name “False Idols”:

“Because there’s so much bollocks going on at the moment! People follow celebrities and read every little thing they do. It’s living vicariously through someone else. Get your own life. All this stuff is false idols. That’s what helps keep the status quo.”




Tricky “Nothing’s Changed”:



From the Vault:

Massive Attack: 3D’s “Vermona” demo

Terry Callier and Massive Attack “The Windmill Hill Sessions”


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video: James Blake “Retrograde”


“Suddenly Im hitten” by a song from James Blake! Im a bit surprised since I couldn’t buy into all the hype around his self titled first album. It was ok, but it was no a life changer (as certain publications would have it). So I’ve found him a bit overrated in the past, but that changed last week when I heard the radio rip of “Retrograde”! If the rest of his new album is like this I might buy into the hype…

“Retrograde” is available from We are Apple, and Take 30%, and is the first single from the up coming album “Overgrown” that will be out on the 8th of April.




James Blake “Retrograde” (official video):



From the Vault: Bruce Springsteen “State Trooper” (Trentemøller remix)

                         new album: Lower Dens “Nootropics”



mp3: Junip “Line of Fire”


Few days ago the Swedish band Junip shared a new song with the world. Its called “Line of Fire”, and will feature on their self titeled album that will be released in April this year. It will be available from Mute in North America and through City Slang in Europe.

Junip is Elias Araya, Tobias Winterkorn and José González. Mr González is without a doubt the most know of the trio after doing several beautiful covers of well known songs. like Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” and The Knife’s “Heartbeats”.

For me, though, the most impressive is his collaboration with the Books and their cover of Nick Drake‘s “Cello Song” (listen to it after the jump). Not only a brilliant interpretation of the original, but it also features on “Dark was the Night” – an album released to rise funds for rising the awareness of hiv and aids.




The Acid Symphony Orchestra “Coq au Man”


Last Friday The Acid Symphony Orchestra preformed a new piece called “Coq au Man”, at the Eurosonic festival in Groningen, Holland. It is composed by the master conductor himself, Jori Hulkkonen, and last for 42 wonderful minutes. The orchestra was comprised by 10 TB-303 players (Kalle Karvanen, Juha Matinmäki, Timo Ahlqvist, Kimmo Oksanen, Aku Raski, Tatu Peltonen, Janne Puurunen, Petri “Pete” Salonen, Valtteri Mäki and Jani Lehto) and Mr Hulkkonen that controlled the mixer and a TR-707.

Update: Our Top Secret Reporter tells me that the name of the piece basically means “Rooster cooked with Man”, and that the man was dead before being cooked…

For those that is not familiar with what the brainchild to Jori Hulkkonen is, I highly recommend to watch the 3 part mini documentary about their first gig after the jump!







From the Vault:

Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”

Huoratron – the Pride of Finnish Electro

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “We No Who U R” (lyric video)


Haven’t been into Nick Cave since the “Murder Ballads” album, that’s roughly 15 years. What it means is that I haven’t really cared for him, the Bad Seeds or the Grinderman project, so I got caught by surprise by the first listen of the upcoming album. Don’t get fooled by the silly name, the song is simply beautiful!

“Push the Sky Away” is the name of the album and it will be released in February next year (album teaser and tracklist after the jump). The album cover has already caused heated discussions amongst the fans, is it art or is it just plain male chauvinism… Anyhow if you pre order the album from here, you’ll get a free download of the song.




Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “We No Who U R” (lyric video):



From the Vault: new album: The Herbaliser “There Were Seven”

                         Philosophy Of Sound “It Is Like That” (Radio Edit)



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Balcazar & Sordo “Obsession” (original mix)


I’ve heard many rumours that the Mexicans know how to party and host good parties, where you can get hold of whatever you are desiring/dreaming about. The thing I’ve never thought or heard anything about – is the music they play! My guess has always been that they had a Mariachi band in the corner playing (heck, even the Beluga whale likes a good Mariachi band)!

My guess was wrong! They have Balcazar & Sordo, two friends from Guadalajara, Mexico. Their very nice and deep house track “Obsession” (featuring Dana Bergquist) has been on constant repeat since I discovered it earlier today! The track is taken from the label No.19 Music‘s “Spring Sampler 2012” and can be purchased from here.




Balcazar & Sordo “Obsession” (original mix):



From the Vault: Milscot feat. Angela Sheik “All Alone” (Domyan Just Slow Remix)

                          The 2 Bears “Take a Look Around”


“Solar Day” a new EP by Kohib


If its a coincident or not, I don’t know. But just few hours after I posted about Kohib‘s Folk Disco Edit and mentioned that he would come with a new EP, the first teaser from it was online…

And the title track “Solar Day”, is really nice early morning disco (as described by Kohib himself) track! It has been on repeat ever since it popped up in my SoundCloud dashboard.

But the good news don’t stop there! Out sometime in April, “Solar Day” will be the first 12” that Beatservice Records releases since 2005. The EP will also include a smashing Detroitish house groove with vocals from Dagny (check it out after the jump), so looking forward to check it out when it comes…

Update: The EP is now released and can be bought from here, for more info about this release check out






From the Vault: Odd Nordstoga “Ei Anna Tid” (Kohib edit)

                         MP3: Zoo “Slogfunk” (Kor e Torsken Din edit)



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Virgin Magnetic Material “Fly (Like an Eagle)”


Few days ago Editorial Records released this gem on Juno. There seems like some confusion regarding the name of the song since its released as “Fly”, but Virgin Magnetic Material calls it “Fly Like an Eagle” on his SoundCloud page. MToK has decided to call it “Fly (Like an Eagle)”

Virgin Magnetic Material is the remix project to the Israeli Shai Vardi (seems like he is doing more than remix now…), and the name comes from the electronic world. Its a definition describing core or shield material that has never been magnetized.



Virgin Magnetic Material “Fly (Like an Eagle)”:

   by VMM



From the Vault: Alan Parsons Project “Be Like You” (Young Edits Dance Mix)

                         MP3: Zoo “Slogfunk” (Kor e Torsken Din edit)