trulz & robin “the clearing” (ost & kjex remix)

trulz & robin has released a new ep called “dance music therapy volume 2”, and one of the songs is a really beautiful remix of ost & kjex. their rework of “the clearing” just makes me happy! if it does the same for you, a digital copy can be picked up from here.


Flunk “Queen of the Underground” (Kohib remix)


Øivind A. Sjøvoll, better known as Kohib, has been digging deep and found a wonderful beat to accompany his newest remix. The remix has been floating around on the net for a couple of months already, but was officially released through Beatservice Records earlier this week. It can be pick up through Juno, where you also can check out the remix/rework from Syntax Erik and Athome.

Flunk is a Norwegian band that has been around for more than 10 years. The members are: Anja øyen Vister (vocals),  Ulf Nygaard (programming/vocals), Jo Bakke (guitar/bass/++) and Erik Ruud on drums. “Queen of the Underground” (original after the jump) is the first singel from their upcomming album “Lost Causes”, that will come in the end of April this year.





From the Vault:

“Solar Day” a new EP by Kohib

Odd Nordstoga “Ei Anna Tid” (Kohib edit)

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Chinawoman “Party Girl” (Gluteus Maximus Remix)


To celebrate that they have reached 200 000 plays on SoundCloud, Gluteus Maximus share a basically free download with us. DJ Margeir and President Bongo has spun a little magic over the excellent “Party Girl” by Chinawoman, and it can be yours if you go here and “pay” with a tweet or facebook post. Well worth the time and effort me think!

Chinawoman is the Canadian musician Michelle Gurevich, currently based in Berlin. Raised in the Russian hoods of Toronto and compared to Leonard Cohen, add a voice akin Tanita Tikaram there is no wonder that her music can be heard blaring regularly from the yachts of Russian billionaires and as the ringtones of mothers all over the Ukraine.






From the Vault:

Gluteus Maximus featuring Högni Egilsson “Everlasting”

Orbital feat. Zola Jesus “New France” (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)

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new ep: Ian Pooley “CompuRhythm”


Ian Pooley is one of those DJ’s that seems to always have been around, much like John Digweed and Dave Seaman. Bridging the gap between techno and house with his own productions, he has also remixed big names such as the Cardigans and Daft Punk. Somehow I always thought he was English, but to my big surprise he hails from Mainz Germany and was born Ian Pinnekamp…

On the 5th of November Ian Pooley‘s new EP “CompuRhythm” will be available from Innervisions webstore Muting the Noise. It will include an amazing remix done by Dixon, which I just cant get enough of! The brilliant part of the deal is that the original and the Baikal remix are good too (prelisten of the whole EP after the jump).

A quick question to Innervisions:  

“Why cant I preorder this EP? Buying/ordering on impulse is the wallets worst enemy…”


prelisten of Ian Pooley “CompuRhythm” (Dixon’s 4/4 Treatment):

From the Vault: Âme “Âme Live EP”

                         Peter Kruder “Xenomorph / Vespertilio”

Orbital scores the remake of “Pusher”


Yeah!! Today Milo did a comeback on the silver screen!!! For those that ain’t familiar with Nicolas Winding Refn‘s excellent “Pusher” trilogy, will probably wonder who is Milo. For those that have seen at least one of the films, probably haven’t forgotten Zlatko Buric‘ excellent (and recurring) Balkan crook character.

Orbital has been given the honour to do the score for the remake. After listening to it a couple of times I have to say that they haven’t made a fool out of themselves! Its everything that you could expect: dark, stripped down and electronic. The score can be streamed from here. A special mention has also to go to the track played in the bar of the trailer, the Still Going remix of Austra‘s “Beat and the Pulse” is just awesome (find original and remix after the jump)!




Official trailer of the “Pusher” remake:



From the Vault: Orbital feat. Zola Jesus “New France” (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)

                         new album: Orbital returns after 8 years with “Wonky”



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mp3: Hauschka “Radar” (Michael Mayer Remix)


Became aware of the German artist Volker Bertelmann, better known as Hauschka, during the flow festival 2011 and got totally awestruck by his prepared piano. Together with Samuli Kosminen on percussion he had a very memorable concert, that two small excerpts can be seen here and here.

The song that I want to share with you is the Michael Mayer (co-funder of Kompakt Records) remix of the song “Radar” from the album “Salon des Amateurs”, that was released in 2011. Even the album has been well-received and even written as a celebration to the Düsseldorf club with the same name, it hasn’t got much dj attention. That might change now that Fat Cat Records has released two remix EP’s, that can be picked up from here. As a bonus the official video to “Radar” can be found after the jump.




Hauschka “Radar” (Michael Mayer Remix):

   by Fat Cat Records



From the Vault: Flow Festival 2011 in Brief

                         Gold Panda “Back Home”



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mp3: Teen Daze “Hold” (Torkelsen remix)


The Norwegian beatsmith Torkelsen has made a true gem of a remix out of Teen Daze‘s “Hold”. Kristian Torkelsen, which is the artists full name, has given new life to the rather mellow original (find it after the jump) with his clever beats. Best of all, its a grower – just getting better and better (have been on heavy repeat for the last 2 weeks)!

Hats off, and well done to you Sir!




Teen Daze “Hold” (Torkelsen remix):

   by Torkelsen



From the Vault: mp3: U96 “Love Sees No Colour” (Le Prix cover)

                         Madonna “Lucky Star” (Classixx Fortunate Star Cover)


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mp3: Little Boots “Meddle” (Designer Drugs 80’s coke jam remix)


Yesterday I spent 2 hours queuing at an airport in Norway. The security personnel is on strike (wants more money…), so an already very inefficient security check was mind blowing slow! Luckily I had this old Designer Drugs remix to listen to, so all was not bad.

Designer Drugs is the New York based duo Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson. They also run the label Sex Cult.




Little Boots “Meddle” (Designer Drugs 80’s coke jam remix):

   by Designer Drugs Official



From the Vault: We Fell To Earth “Lights Out” (over Europe?)

                          video: Ralph Myerz “The Magic Of You”



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Milscot feat. Angela Sheik “All Alone” (Domyan Just Slow Remix)


Today we dig deep into the House music, in fact if it was a hole we were digging we wouldn’t have been able to climb up again… Domyan has done a terrific remix, that is just as slow as it promises! So good that even all-the-English-electronic-music-magazines-favourite-pet-at-the-moment Maya Jane Coles inculded the track in her DJ-Kicks mix, that dropped last week.

Milscot is the Hungarian DJ producer Norbi Czékmány, based in Budapest. “All Alone” is taken from an EP with the same name that was released by Foot Music Records late last year.




Milscot feat. Angela Sheik “All Alone” (Domyan Just Slow Remix):



From the Vault: new 12”: Peter Kruder “Xenomorph / Vespertilio”

                         Pancake Song #2, Carlos Jimenez “A Good Man”