new album: Tricky “False Idols”


Adrian Thaws, better known as Tricky, has just announced a new album. Its called “False Idols” and will be released internationally on May 27th (28th in USA). False Idols are not only the name of the album, but also the name of his new label.

First teaser of the album is called Nothing’s Changed” and features the beautiful vocal of Fransesca Belmonte. If this will be representative for the rest of the album the grapevine might be true when it whispers that “the spirit of Tricky’s ‘90s output looms large over False Idols”. Join his mailing list to get it as a free download.

Tricky on why did the album get the name “False Idols”:

“Because there’s so much bollocks going on at the moment! People follow celebrities and read every little thing they do. It’s living vicariously through someone else. Get your own life. All this stuff is false idols. That’s what helps keep the status quo.”




Tricky “Nothing’s Changed”:



From the Vault:

Massive Attack: 3D’s “Vermona” demo

Terry Callier and Massive Attack “The Windmill Hill Sessions”


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video: James Blake “Retrograde”


“Suddenly Im hitten” by a song from James Blake! Im a bit surprised since I couldn’t buy into all the hype around his self titled first album. It was ok, but it was no a life changer (as certain publications would have it). So I’ve found him a bit overrated in the past, but that changed last week when I heard the radio rip of “Retrograde”! If the rest of his new album is like this I might buy into the hype…

“Retrograde” is available from We are Apple, and Take 30%, and is the first single from the up coming album “Overgrown” that will be out on the 8th of April.




James Blake “Retrograde” (official video):



From the Vault: Bruce Springsteen “State Trooper” (Trentemøller remix)

                         new album: Lower Dens “Nootropics”



Binatone Galaxy brings old cassette players back to life


“Binatone Galaxy” is a sound installation made up by 29 old school cassette players. It allows the audience to hear the actual sound of the cassettes themselves, rather than a taped playback. This is done by replacing the prerecorded content of each tape with a microphone, so that the cassette players will amplify the sounds of themselves. The result is quite meditative and surprisingly melodic, listen to a trio of the cassette players play together after the jump.

Stephen Cornford is a sculptor working with music, sound and noise. His principal materials are musical instruments and audio technologies, and most of the works takes the form of indeterminate sound installations. He is also one-half of the mechanical rock band Human Separation, alongside Matthew Appleby.




Stephen Cornford “Binatone Galaxy”:



From the Vault:

The sound of 14 acoustic guitars, 31 fans and 300m cable

What does a slice of wood sound like?

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Terry Callier and Massive Attack “The Windmill Hill Sessions”


It was with great sadness that MToK received the message about Terry Calliers death back in October. I started tor write an obituary, but never managed to finish it. I guess I was in too much awe with the fact that this great voice, chose to retired from music when he got the custody of his daughter!

Now 3D of Massive Attack has dug out all the tapes from their sessions together and compiled a mix tape to honour his memory. This is the message that appeared on Facebook the other day:


“Me and Euan reloaded the Terry Callier tapes from 2005. It felt right to honour the short time we had with him in Bristol. We created a ‘mix tape’ of the pieces I worked on with Neil and Terry. I also took the liberty of stripping them back to a more personal space and cut in alternative vocal takes and out takes in an attempt to share a little of the spirit of the great man.”


Rest in Peace Terrence Orlando Callier!



From the Vault: Massive Attack vs. Burial “Four Walls / Paradise Circus”

                         Massive Attack‘s Occupy London Radio Mix



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Orbital scores the remake of “Pusher”


Yeah!! Today Milo did a comeback on the silver screen!!! For those that ain’t familiar with Nicolas Winding Refn‘s excellent “Pusher” trilogy, will probably wonder who is Milo. For those that have seen at least one of the films, probably haven’t forgotten Zlatko Buric‘ excellent (and recurring) Balkan crook character.

Orbital has been given the honour to do the score for the remake. After listening to it a couple of times I have to say that they haven’t made a fool out of themselves! Its everything that you could expect: dark, stripped down and electronic. The score can be streamed from here. A special mention has also to go to the track played in the bar of the trailer, the Still Going remix of Austra‘s “Beat and the Pulse” is just awesome (find original and remix after the jump)!




Official trailer of the “Pusher” remake:



From the Vault: Orbital feat. Zola Jesus “New France” (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)

                         new album: Orbital returns after 8 years with “Wonky”



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Little Boots cover Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy”


Victoria Hesketh, better known as Little Boots, has made her cover of the Bronski Beat‘s “Smalltown Boy” (original after the jump) available for streaming. Its a nice version were she has managed to add her own touch, while keeping the original feel. The cover was released on Ministry of Sound’s Uncovered vol. 4late Augus this year. Lets hope that this version brings courage to a new generation as the original did…




Bronski Beat “Smalltown Boy” (Little Boots cover):

   <a href=””></a&gt; by <a href=””>LittleBoots</a&gt;


by LittleBoots



From the Vault: Little Boots “Meddle” (Designer Drugs 80’s remix)

The Irrepressibles “In This Shirt” (Röksopp Edit)




Bronski Beat “Smalltown Boy” (official video):



Even Fatboy Slim will release a concert/live movie



Few weeks after Fatboy Slim rode a giant octopus at the London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony, the news broke that he will release a concert movie. It might have been old news, but it was new for me. The reason that I even paid attention to this news was that those with the exclusive video premiere was the Rolling Stone Magazine, which I thought was very weird. Wasn’t it so that Norman Cook was one of the biggest dj/producers in the world? Anyhow this quote caught my eye:

“When I’ve got something that I really want to say, I’ll release [it], but at the moment I’m not inspired in the way I am by the life of a DJ. When I was younger I could be an artist, remixer, produce other people and DJ. These days, I don’t know how I ever found the hours in the day!”

I guess that drugs finally catch up with you in the end…

“Live: From the Big Beach Bootique” is at the cinemas around the globe for one day only on August 31st. A good opportunity to watch drunken/(put in whatever substance you like) English ravers trashing the new stadium to Brighton and Hove Albion football club.





From the Vault: The Chemical Brothers concert film “Don’t Think”

                         Sigur Rós “Inni” – a live Album and Film



new 12″: the Chemical Brothers “Theme for Velodrome”


So the Olympics are over, luckily I didnt spend that much time watching all kind of obscure sports on the telly. What I did manage to catch up with was the official theme to the velodrome made by the Chemical Brothers. I really like the tune, and it almost remind me of a punk version of “Tour de France” by Kraftwerk. Which is a connection Tom also mentions in his statement regarding this track:

“I have loved cycling since I was a boy. I have always made a connection between electronic music and cycling repetition, the freedom and sense of movement. Kraftwerk obviously cemented this connection with their ‘Tour de France’ track. For us to create the theme for the Velodrome is a great honour and we’re really excited to hear it in situ.”

Now the International Olympic Committee has found even more ways to boost their already full treasure coffers, release the official sport themes as 12″. Not a bad idea, but why had the sleeve to be so horrendous?? If you want a copy you can pre order it from here.  

There has also been created a three minute animated sequence for the song to match its heart-pounding rhythms.




the Chemical Brothers “Velodrome”:



From the Vault: the Chemical Brothers release concert film “Don’t Think”

                         the Chemical Brothers feat. The flaming Lips “The Golden Path”


new album: The Herbaliser “There Were Seven”




The Herbaliser is back! The new album “There Were Seven” (tracklist after the jump) will be released the 8th of October on their own Department H label, and will be available as a digital download, cd and vinyl (art work is done by DJ Food). The press release is pretty promising (when are they not?):

“[The Herbaliser is back] doing what they do best, the album hits hard with 15 slabs of super heavy, psychedelic, beat-laden post-hip-hop audio. [“There Were Seven”] features collaborations with up and coming rappers and vocalist including Twin Peaks, Teenburger, George the Poet and Hannah Clive.”

“The Lost Boy”, featuring Hannah Clive on vocal, is first single from the album and will come on the 27th of August.




The Herbaliser “The Lost Boy” (album version):

   by The Herbaliser



From the Vault: The Herbaliser “A Mother (For Your Mind)”

                         The The scores the documentary “Moonbug”



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mp3: “Kids in Space” by Mighty Mouse


Mighty Mouse has sent some “Kids in(to) Space” resulting in a great intergalactic disco tune. I haven’t sent the Disco Rodents into space yet, but I guess they would have loved it!

“Kids in Space” is taken from Mighty Mouses newest EP, “Disco Battle Weapons (Volume 2)”, released by Cheap Trills and can be picked up from here.






From the Vault: Gil Scott-Heron “I’ll Take Care Of You” (Mighty Mouse Edit)

                         Mighty Mouse “Ice Beer”


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