new single: Rune Lindbœk featuring Kurt Maloo “Wonder”


Rune Lindbæk will release a new single today, just a week after he became the laughing stock of the yellow press in Norway. Lets hope the urban legend that “all PR is good PR” is true and will lead to more interest for this beautiful song. At least it is Disco Rodent approved!

Update: If you find a store that actually sells a copy, please let me know! It seems like all the stores online is out of stock (even the mp3)…

If you think you have heard the voice of Kurt Maloo somewhere, but cant actual pin point it (like I did), it was probably through the Swiss duo Double and their biggest hit “Captain of Her Heart” (watch it after the jump).




Rune Lindbœk feat. Kurt Maloo “Wonder” (official video):



From the Vault: Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – the circus has started!

                         Mungolian Jet Set “Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks” (Todd Terje’s version)



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Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – the circus has started!


On Monday the district court of Bergen started processing the complaint from Rune Lindbæk against Röyksopp, it was also the day the circus came to town! In fact, this trail is only good for the yellow press selling more papers…

If you aren’t familiar with the case, then please read this and this to get up to date what all the fuzz is about. Hadn’t it been for that I had already written about this complaint I wouldn’t have touched it even with a 10 feet pole! Why? Well, I didnt know that musicians had so much dirty laundry to show the world. Here is a few pointers:

– A mum have paid some of the legal fees.

– Free mini gig by Röyksopp (where they showed that they had sampled Jarre).

– Counter complaint to discredit Linbæk for composer rights of “Lift” by Drum Island.

– A brother in law on the witness list.

And the list just goes on! Cant think about all the gruff that will be dug up during the closing 3 days. MToK has decided to leave this matter alone from now (will update this post with the verdict though). Will end this post with a brilliant parody of the longest running soap serial in Norway (sorry but it is in northern Norwegian).


Update: The complaint against Röyksopp was dismissed, and they also won their counter complaint. Rune Lindbæk does also have to pay Røyksopp’s cost for the trail.






From the Vault:

Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – the truth is out there (somewhere)…

Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – an update

Flunk “Queen of the Underground” (Kohib remix)


Øivind A. Sjøvoll, better known as Kohib, has been digging deep and found a wonderful beat to accompany his newest remix. The remix has been floating around on the net for a couple of months already, but was officially released through Beatservice Records earlier this week. It can be pick up through Juno, where you also can check out the remix/rework from Syntax Erik and Athome.

Flunk is a Norwegian band that has been around for more than 10 years. The members are: Anja øyen Vister (vocals),  Ulf Nygaard (programming/vocals), Jo Bakke (guitar/bass/++) and Erik Ruud on drums. “Queen of the Underground” (original after the jump) is the first singel from their upcomming album “Lost Causes”, that will come in the end of April this year.





From the Vault:

“Solar Day” a new EP by Kohib

Odd Nordstoga “Ei Anna Tid” (Kohib edit)

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Röyksopp + Susanne Sundfør = “Running to the Sea”



Lydverket is dead, long live Lydverket!


Lydverket was a Norwegian music magazine for TV that was aired by NRK between 2002 – 2012. The final show was aired a few days ago (28.11), and what a finish it was! Not only featured the show a new song by Kvelertak, but it also had the honour to reveal the collaboration between Röyksopp and Susanne Sundfør“Running to the Sea”!

I guess the two headed Norwegian monster from Tromsø doesnt need much of an introduction, but Sundfør might. Susanne Sundfør is one of the most interesting artists that comes from Norway these days! Earlier this year she released her fourth studio album “The Silicon Veil” to standing ovations amongst the dice throwing Norwegian music journalists (the album is good even the pun towards the critics…).

Sundfør is also one of the reasons that there is no gender specific category for best artist in Norway these days. In the thank you speech after winning the Spellemanspris for best female artist in 2007 she just said:

“I am first and foremost an artist, not first and foremost a woman”.

This of course spurned a public debate about the topic, which she added more fuel to after withdrawing her nomination in the same category in 2010.

The collaboration will also be released as a single at some point in the future.




Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør “Running to the Sea”:



From the Vault: The Irrepressibles “In This Shirt” (Röksopp Edit)

                         Kvelertak live @ Tavastia, Helsinki



Mental Overdrive’s part of the score to “Man With a Movie Camera”


I found a missing jigsaw piece today. Have been listening to Biosphere’s part of the “Man With a Movie Camera” score for years (check it out after the jump), but now I got my hands on the part to Mental Overdrive! Its awesome and can be downloaded from BandCamp. Here is the story behind the score:

In 1996, the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) commissioned Mental Overdrive and Biosphere to compose an original soundtrack for the Russian silent movie “Man with a Movie Camera” by director Dziga Vertov. The duo split the work between them by selecting alternating scenes throughout the film, in order to make the 1 hour and 8 minute soundtrack as varied as possible. The first screening with this new soundtrack performed live took place in Tromsø in January 1996, and then a series of concerts/screenings followed at selected festivals in Norway and France. Biosphere released his pieces of the soundtrack as part the 2001 version of his “Substrata” album, but the Mental Overdrive body of work has not yet been available – until now.

Knowing that Geir Jenssen composed the first song, it should be possible to merge this two parts together and get the original soundtrack! Well that was the easy part, the hard part is to make a time machine so we can catch the 1996 live show…


From the Vault: Biosphere‘s part of “Man With A Movie Camera” score 

                         mp3: Mental Overdrive “Kling”


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Biosphere compose new electro acoustic music for the dance opera “Poppea”


What a great start of the day! Waking up to the news that there is a new digital Biosphere album waiting for me on Bandcamp. The album is called “L’incoronazione di Poppea” and the music is…

“…based on Claude Monteverdi´s opera of the same name, and is an Italian baroque opera first performed in Venice during the 1642–43 carnival season. The opera is also one of the first operas to use historical events and people rather than classical mythology, it adapts incidents from the writings of Tacitus, Suetonius and others to recount how Poppea, mistress of the Roman emperor Nerone (Nero), is able to achieve her ambition and be crowned empress.”

In other words, the album contains newly composed electro acoustic music by Geir Jenssen in combination with original music by Monteverdi. It is released by Biophon Records, and is commissioned by the Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt for their dance opera “Poppea” (watch excerpts of it after the jump).






From the Vault: Biosphere covers “Blue Monday” by New Order

                         Biosphere “1991​-​2004” – a compilation of hard to find tracks



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Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – the truth is out there (somewhere)…


Monday the 21st of May 2012 the Norwegian dj Rune Lindbæk and GramArt, the artist organisation that is representing him, filed a complaint to the district court of Bergen, Norway. The complaint states that Lindbæk wants to be credited as a co-writer of two songs from Röyksopp‘s debut album “Melody A.M.” The two songs are “A Higher Place” and “40 Years Back/Come”.

This conflict has been going on over 6 years most of the time behind the scenes, but made public in March 2011 when the Norwegian paper Dagens Næringsliv featured the case/situation over 10 pages (short summary in Norwegian can be found here). The peice was written mostly from Linbæk’s point of view, to great irritation for Torbjørn Brundtland and and Svein Berge. 8 months later (even it is dated 20.04.12) Röksopp answers the article by publishing a 45 pages letter (written in Norwegian) on Few days later Lindbæk answer this letter by writing a blog post on

The picture above is taken from a time when things probably seemed to be better (photo taken from So what did this conversation through the media and web really tell us (especially for people that dont master the Norwegian language that well)? Well, there are these two songs that was made in the Drum Island (Lindbæk, Brundtland and Ole Mjøs) period, and then developed by Röyksopp and released on their hugely successful debut album. To cut it short (if I should mention all the twist and turns in this case this post would be 10 times as long), the quarrel its about if Rune Lindbæk was part of the creative process and of course – money!!

MToK do not want to take any side in this conflict, but was it really necessary to do your dirty laundry in public? On the other hand a court case might be for the best, since everything else seems to have failed, so the record (or rather tunes) finally can be set straight…


One of the songs that has caused this controversy is Röyksopp‘s “A Higher Place”



…which has some similarities to Drum Island‘s “Lift”



…which again has a resemblance to the beginning of Jean-Michel Jarre‘s Wooloomooloo” 




From the Vault: The Irrepressibles “In This Shirt” (Röksopp Edit)

                          Palace of Pleasure “Pink Palace”


mp3: Mental Overdrive “Kling”


Today we bring you a previously unreleased track by Mental Overdrive, recorded back in 1996. Well, in fact it was released last year as a flexi disc, but was made available as a free download few weeks ago. Flexi discs aren’t so common any more and this is probably the first one that comes out of Tromsø since 1966!

The disc add some extra spice to the book “Diskografi: Tromsø Elektronika 1984 – 2011” by Robert Dyrnes. Published in conjunction with Tromsø’s Insomnia Festival‘s 10-year anniversary in 2011.

MToK cant wait to get their hands on this book!






From the Vault: Mental Overdrive “Diskodans”

                         Uusi Fantasia to preform at the Insomnia Festival




Le Petit Garçon “Traena” (Biosphere Remix)


This was a bit hard! I couldn’t choose between the original version of “Traena” and the Biosphere remix, I really like both of them! In the end I chose the remix, but be sure to check out the original after the jump…

Le Petit Garçon, aka Christian Hollingsæter, is a Norwegian producer that explores the intersection between slow and fast music. The idea behind this is that clubmusic also can be used as a lullaby. The “Traena” 12″ was released by Breaking Plympic Records and can be ordered from here.







From the Vault: Biosphere covers “Blue Monday” by New Order

                         Synkron Ulyd – an unearthed gem from the North…



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