new single: Rune Lindbœk featuring Kurt Maloo “Wonder”


Rune Lindbæk will release a new single today, just a week after he became the laughing stock of the yellow press in Norway. Lets hope the urban legend that “all PR is good PR” is true and will lead to more interest for this beautiful song. At least it is Disco Rodent approved!

Update: If you find a store that actually sells a copy, please let me know! It seems like all the stores online is out of stock (even the mp3)…

If you think you have heard the voice of Kurt Maloo somewhere, but cant actual pin point it (like I did), it was probably through the Swiss duo Double and their biggest hit “Captain of Her Heart” (watch it after the jump).




Rune Lindbœk feat. Kurt Maloo “Wonder” (official video):



From the Vault: Rune Lindbæk vs. Röyksopp – the circus has started!

                         Mungolian Jet Set “Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks” (Todd Terje’s version)



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mp3: John Grant “Black Belt”


John Grant has moved to Iceland and have teamed up with GusGus’ Biggi Veira for his second solo album “Pale Green Ghosts”. It will also feature the Irish singer Sinead O’Connor on guest vocals. “Black Belt” and the title track (watch the official video after the jump) promise a much more electronic and dirtier sound than the highly acclaimed, but slightly boring debut album “Queen of Denmark”.

The album will be released by Bella Union in UK on the 11th of March and Partisan Records in US 2 months later… And this is what I do not understand! Do Partisan Records expect to sell any copies at all (at least not digitally)? I mean, releasing the album over 60 days after it was made available in Europe is not a good business strategy – especially in an environment where the customer appreciate availability over quality…




Update: You can download the song by going here (the embedded code is a do not work for WordPress / stupid listen only on SoundCloud one…).



From the Vault:

GusGus “Arabian Horse”

video: 22 Pistepirkko “Onion Soup”



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video: James Blake “Retrograde”


“Suddenly Im hitten” by a song from James Blake! Im a bit surprised since I couldn’t buy into all the hype around his self titled first album. It was ok, but it was no a life changer (as certain publications would have it). So I’ve found him a bit overrated in the past, but that changed last week when I heard the radio rip of “Retrograde”! If the rest of his new album is like this I might buy into the hype…

“Retrograde” is available from We are Apple, and Take 30%, and is the first single from the up coming album “Overgrown” that will be out on the 8th of April.




James Blake “Retrograde” (official video):



From the Vault: Bruce Springsteen “State Trooper” (Trentemøller remix)

                         new album: Lower Dens “Nootropics”



Terry Callier and Massive Attack “The Windmill Hill Sessions”


It was with great sadness that MToK received the message about Terry Calliers death back in October. I started tor write an obituary, but never managed to finish it. I guess I was in too much awe with the fact that this great voice, chose to retired from music when he got the custody of his daughter!

Now 3D of Massive Attack has dug out all the tapes from their sessions together and compiled a mix tape to honour his memory. This is the message that appeared on Facebook the other day:


“Me and Euan reloaded the Terry Callier tapes from 2005. It felt right to honour the short time we had with him in Bristol. We created a ‘mix tape’ of the pieces I worked on with Neil and Terry. I also took the liberty of stripping them back to a more personal space and cut in alternative vocal takes and out takes in an attempt to share a little of the spirit of the great man.”


Rest in Peace Terrence Orlando Callier!



From the Vault: Massive Attack vs. Burial “Four Walls / Paradise Circus”

                         Massive Attack‘s Occupy London Radio Mix



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new album: Sin Cos Tan “Sin Cos Tan”


Yep, I had to check my old mathbooks for the true meaning of the name to Jori Hulkkonen‘s new project – Sin Cos Tan. This time he has teamed up with Juho Paalosmaa, better know as one half of the Finnish electro pop duo Villa Nah. They started to record their self titled debut album at the beginning of this year, and tomorrow (22.11.12) we will find out how the collaboration turned out. That is not completely true since the album (tracklist after the jump) is “Album of the Week” at YleX, which means that you can stream it until Friday – well worth checking out!

Update: check out Sugarcane Recordings soundcloud page for an album preview!

The release party for the album will be at Ravintola Adams the 1 of December. Tickets are not on sale yet here, or please let me know if they are (and where) read more on the event page. Im not going to miss their live show this time around as I did during Flow Festival (too early start)!

You can also check out Jori Hulkkonen’s BassoRadio show if you want to know more about Sin Con Tan’s thoughts regarding their album.

After having listened a few times to the album the stand out track is still “Trust”, even I’ve its been around for a couple of months already. It can be downloaded for free here!




Sin Cos Tan “Trust” official video:



From the Vault: Chairlift “Amanaemonesia”

                         Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”



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“Is this Rock ‘n’ Roll?” asked the Disco Rodent


Few days ago one of the Disco Rodents found a box containing my earplugs, and this is our conversation leading to a great revelation!!


Disco Rodent (DC): What is this?

MToK (Me): A box containing my earplugs.

DC: What is earplugs.

Me: It is something you can have in your ears to reduce the sound of loud music or snoring.

DC: Why do you have them?

Me: Im going to a concert soon (Friday 16th of November in Tavastia, Helsinki), with a Norwegian band called Turbonegro.

DC: Turbo what? Are they running around?

Me: No, they arnt running around. They are playing music, do you want to listen?

So off we went to play some music. Unfortunately I dont have the their latest album “Sexual Harassment” only “Apocalypse Dudes” and the song of choice was “Get it On”

Me: So this is how the band sounds like.

The Disco Rodent listen for 20 seconds, then smiled and asked:

DC: Is this Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Me: Well I guess you can call it Rock ‘n’ Roll if you want to.

DC screaming out loud: Ohhhh yeahhhh, Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!!!

Then the Disco Rodents played some very cool air guitar for the rest of the song…


Stay trygda!


Torbonegro “Get it On” official video:



From the Vault: Turbonegro announce new Vocalist

                          new album: Turbonegro “Sexual Harassment”


WhoMadeWho’s trilogy about the Modern Man


Since 2009 WhoMadeWho has released 3 albums, and from each of them they have collaborated with Good Boy! Creative to make a video. This has lead to the “Pitfalls of the Modern Man” video trilogy, which explores the trivial problems of the Scandinavian man. The videos is excellent made with lots of humoristic points.




“Keep Me In My Plane” is taken from the 2009 album “The Plot”, and stars the falsetto singing bassplayer Tomas Høffding:



“Every Minute Alone” is taken from the 2011 mini album “Knee Deep”, and stars Jeppe Kjeldberg that sings and plays the guitar. The video was also chosen as the best Scandinavian Music Video for 2011:



Running Man & The Sun” is taken from this years album “Brighter”, and stars the drummer Tomas Barfod through a book cover:



From the Vault: WhoMadeWho‘s Killing Time with Dancing MIXTAPE

                         WhoMadeWho – The Copenhagen Sessions



What toys really do when kids are asleep…


Last night I couldn’t fall asleep, I was just rolling around in the bed. All of the sudden I started to hear low noise, and it came from the Disco Rodents room. I went to check what this noise was, and when I opened the door I could hear that it wasn’t noise but some heavy bass driven music. The room was surprisingly tidy, so I felt good that the message about tidying up the toys had gone through last night. Still wondering what the music was I peeked into the walk-in closet where it came from…

There all of the toys were sitting in front of a tiny TV watching the newest video to Two Fingers “Vengeance Rhythm”! Surprised as I was I couldn’t say anything else than “Ehh…”, a small Barbie doll turned around and told me: “Can you please be quiet? We are in fact trying to check out the newest Amon Tobin tune!” “Wow” I said, “are you guys really into Ninja Tune artists?” “Of course!” said an old teddy bear “and if we had a credit card we would have gone straight to their web site and ordered the 3xLP of “Stunt Rhythms”!” (You can stream some of the album after the jump).


So there you go, even the toys in this house has good music taste!!


Enjoy! (video NOT tested on kids…)


Two Fingers “Vengeance Rhythm” (official video):



From the Vault:  “The Search Engine” is the first DJ Food album in 11 years

                          Bonobo “Black Sands Remixed”




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Little Boots cover Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy”


Victoria Hesketh, better known as Little Boots, has made her cover of the Bronski Beat‘s “Smalltown Boy” (original after the jump) available for streaming. Its a nice version were she has managed to add her own touch, while keeping the original feel. The cover was released on Ministry of Sound’s Uncovered vol. 4late Augus this year. Lets hope that this version brings courage to a new generation as the original did…




Bronski Beat “Smalltown Boy” (Little Boots cover):

   <a href=””></a&gt; by <a href=””>LittleBoots</a&gt;


by LittleBoots



From the Vault: Little Boots “Meddle” (Designer Drugs 80’s remix)

The Irrepressibles “In This Shirt” (Röksopp Edit)




Bronski Beat “Smalltown Boy” (official video):



Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture “Negative Time”


Yesterday My Favourite Robot Records released their first ever LP, and the artist with this honour was no other than Finland’s own Jori Hulkkonen. His 13th album comes under the moniker Third Culture, and includes a few tracks with guest vocalists – most notably JiiHoo which is Mr. Hulkkonen himself…

A fine album (as usual from Jori) after my standards, and I love the official video for “Liquid Hologram”. After the jump you can have a listen to the whole album, if you like it it can be picked up from here.




Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture feat. JiiHoo “Liquid Hologram” official video:



From the Vault: Jori Hulkkonen‘s radio show on BassoRadio (March 12th)

                         Flow Festival 2011 in Brief



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